How to Increase JioFi Speed Easy to Use Method

Is your JioFi device troubling you with slow internet speed and you want to know how to increase JioFi speed? Are you irritated by the constant instability of your internet connection?

Fret not!

As we’re here to help you today, so you can enjoy a fast and stable connection without any obstacles. After all, this is what you paid for right?

A slow, unstable speed is highly undesirable by users who need to use the internet regularly. Luckily this too can be solved easily.

Yes, it’s possible!

You can troubleshoot this problem by making some basic checks first. If you follow these steps one at a time, you’ll be enjoying high speed internet in no time!

JioFi 4G – Increase your Speed Now!

Users of JioFi can face a number of problems while using the device. JioFi is easy to configure and connect to, therefore connectivity problems can be solved without much fuss. On the other hand, the speed of JioFi depends upon multiple factors.

So, to help you solve connectivity issues and to achieve high JioFi 4G speed, here’re the ultimate 6 tips that’ll surely help you out!

So, without further ado, let’s check them out!

Checks for Troubleshooting

Stop bearing unstable connection issues and resolve them right now with our top tip #1 i.e. by running checks for trouble shooting.

Here’s how you can run, check and resolve the issues!

Fair Usage Policy

This step involves checking whether you have exceeded the set data usage limit. It is important to note that Fair Usage Policy will automatically reduce your internet speed once you have gone past the limit of your Internet plan. Your internet speed will be reduced to a feeble 128 kbps.

Most users find that they have exceeded the data limit upon troubleshooting JioFi internet problem. MyJio App is the best and most convenient way to monitor your data consumption and renewal time. You may also consider buying data packages.

Status of Network Indicator

Manually checking your JioFi device can also help reveal any problems. The signal bars should be observed closely.

Green Bars: If the bars are Green and full, then the data coverage is good and there is no problem of such regard.

Blue Bars: Blue or 2 to 4 bars reveal that the data coverage is of medium strength.

Red Bars: Red or less than 2 bars indicate a low or disrupted coverage area. This is the reason for your poor internet speed.

You can ask for a service request using the MyJio app. Detailed inspection might reveal unnoticed problems and more chances of finding a viable solution.

Check if Issue is with a Particular Site/App

Sometimes you might experience slow internet speed while using certain apps or websites. If your internet speed is fine outside of a specific site, the problem is related to the site and not your device. You can check the site after some time.

Device Limits

This step involves making sure that your JioFi isn’t under the burden. The speed of your JioFi is dependent on the number of devices with which it is connected.  All connected devices should be inside a radius of 10 meters from the JioFi and no more than 10 devices should be connected at one time. Following this steps can ensure a stable connection of good strength.

Faulty Device

If you have recently bought a new mobile or other device and have started experiencing problems such as instability or poor internet speed, do the following:

Check the JioFi with the old device. If it is functioning properly according to its specifications, it means that the new device is faulty. This should not be concerning as you can get in touch with the customer service of the maker. They will either fix your problem or replace your device.

Placing Your JioFi Correctly

Your JioFi should be positioned at a place without electromagnetic interference. Placing it in an open and spacious area will give you maximum bandwidth.

You can improve your downloading speed by reducing the number of devices connected or by moving to a position where the signal strength is strong.

Changing Your JioFi Settings

Altering the settings of your JioFi device can also improve your internet speed. Your mobile or laptop must be connected to the JioFi in order to access JioFi setting page.

Method 1: JioFI Speed Increase

  • Open the JioFi portal via any Web Browser (Preferably Google Chrome)
  • Find the Login option and enter your username and password
  • If you have not changed Username or Password then go for ID and password administrator
  • Open the settings option, then click on LTE. After opening LTE choose the APN option.
  • Choose the APN network and change from Auto to manual.
  • The last step will change your IP address to IPV4
  • Click on Apply settings and check your internet speed now.

Method 2: How to increase jiofi speed 2022

  • Open the JioFi portal in your web browser
  • Click on the login option
  • Enter your username and password. If you want to use the default one then use – ID and password Administrator.
  • Then go to Settings, go to Network and select Wi-Fi setting.
  • Click on the channel and set it to 11(2.462Ghz)
  • Select the apply settings option.

Applying either of these two settings should get your internet speed up and running!

If your JioFi speed is still slow after thoroughly checking all of these steps, you can get help by asking for a Service Request through the MyJio App. You will be provided with proper assistance.

This was all about your JioFi connection with smart phones. But, what about PCs? How to increase your JioFi speed over there? Let’s see!

How to Increase JioFi Speed on PC?

If the connected device is a PC or laptop, your options for troubleshooting are limited with JioFi. But, still you can face unstable connections or slow speed internet. To resolve such issues and to increase your JioFi speed on PCs, here’re a few tips you can follow to get the desired results! You can also make sure the device Jio APN Settings configure in the proper way.

Tips To Increase Your JioFi Speed on PC/ Laptop:

  • As it can be difficult to move your PC from place to place, it’s advisable that you configure the settings of your JioFi as mentioned above by opening the JioFi portal on a web browser.
  • You can also bring your JioFi closer to the PC in order to access a good signal strength.
  • You can also buy an internet package according to your daily usage. Remember that some packages can fulfill your needs better!

Why Choose JioFi 4G? – Ultimate Benefits!

In recent years, JioFi has proved to be a reliable way to access 4G internet and create personalized hotspots. Created by Reliance Digital, it can be found in most households and offices.

The benefit of JioFi is that it can work with any cellular device having Wi-Fi regardless of it being 2G, 3G or 4G. Currently, the number of JioFi devices being used is over a million!

Another advantage of JioFi is that you can connect it to your MyJio app. This allows you to manage multiple settings as well as contact customer service.

Final Words

It is fair to say that JioFi is one of the most successful devices created by Reliance Digital to date. However, some users may experience some troubles owing either to misconfiguration of settings or certain obstructions. In both cases, Jio provides customer service so that all problems encountered by users can be solved. In this article, we have provided several ways through which you can troubleshoot connectivity issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my JioFi speed slow?

The reason for slow JioFi speed depends upon several factors including:
Reaching daily data limit.
A faulty JioFi modem.
Number of connected devices has exceeded the limit or radius of connectivity.
A data package that does not fulfill your requirements.

How can I Increase JioFi hotspot speed?

You can enjoy good JioFi hotspot speed as long as the connected devices are close to each other and are near JioFi. Make sure that the number of devices connected is less so that each user can enjoy a higher bandwidth.

Does JioFi give more speed?

 Yes! JioFi provides a much higher data speed than Jio SIM or other data networks. JioFi utilizes 4G to facilitate its users with a smooth and robust internet experience.

What is the speed of JioFi?

JioFi provides a high internet download speed of 150 mbps and an uploading speed of 50 Mbps.

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